Tildepost for all your digital correspondence

Tildepost makes your digital correspondence not only easier but also safer. Our platform is available via computer, tablet and smartphone, very user friendly and besides, thanks to a custom developed protocol, also 100% secure.


The simplicity of digital correspondence


As a sender you can create your letter sender with the built-in word editor or you can choose to link a pdf-file. Then you select the recipient or add a new contact address. The recipient will receive by mail a notification that there’s a letter waiting for him at Tildepost.

If the receiver has no Tilde-address you can send the letter to his regular mail address. The recipient will then receive your letter in his regular mail but will also be getting the invitation to a secure Tilde-address for future correspondence.


Safer digital correspondence


Unlike regular mail correspondence, your mail via Tildepost is 100% safe. Thanks to our protocol the full stretch between sending and receiving a Tildepost letter is fully secured. The receiver is always sure he can safely open the letter and does not need to be afraid of phishing mails or malware. In times when hackers seem to be ever more resourceful and it is increasingly difficult to make the distinction between real and fake mail, this is a huge advantage. Thanks to Tildepost, companies can guarantee their customers a secure mail upon receiving their invoices.


Extensive services


For registered letters too, you no longer need to go to the postal office. Sending one can now easily be done online via your computer, laptop or tablet. You have always the option to send your registered letter digital or by conventional mail.

For companies we have comprehensive services so you can sign quotations online and can send newsletters, and we also enable you to safely send invoices and payroll administration documents.

More info on Tildepost for companies can be found on this page.