Sending registered letters from your computer

From now on you can send registered letters directly from your computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone thanks to Tildepost. Therefore, you don’t have to go to the post office anymore to send your registered letter in a completely legal way.

Sending registered letters digitally

Perhaps you thought that it wasn’t possible, but registered letters too can be processed entirely digital.
You write your letter with our online editor or upload a pdf file and then choose the receiver or you add a new contact, and then you send the letter.
The recipient will be notified by SMS and/or mail that a registered mail is waiting for him. In that message, he receives a verification code to open the letter.
As a sender, you can always track online whether your registered mail was received and read. You have a verification code with time stamp of both the time of receipt as the time when the document was opened and read.

Sending registered letters via regular mail

Would you rather send your registered letter via the conventional mail, then you can do that, too. You write your letter with our word processor or link a pdf-file. You then specify the details of the recipient and send the letter. Tilde post tracks your order and sends your letter via the local post company B-post. Is your registered letter sent before 16.00 hours, then we guarantee delivery within 3 working days, taking into account the General policies of B-post.

What’s the cost to send registered letters using Tildepost?

To send registered letters via our platform, both digitally and regular mail, we charge a flat rate for processing.
Payment to Tildepost can be done in two ways:
• online payment with your bank card, an additional transaction fee of €0.35 will be charged
• through your Tildepost-portfolio on which you put out any credit recharges in your portfolio, from €15.00 no transaction fee will be charged.
After each transaction you will immediately receive a receipt.

Are you a private person, view our rates here.
You want to know more about corporate rates, please click here.

Your benefits

︎Safer than e-mail
 No longer the risk of phishing or hacking
︎No more movement needed
︎Don't lose time anymore in the post office
No printer, cover or stamp needed anymore
 Send from ︎ computer, tablet or smartphone
︎Also for registered letters


How to send and follow up registered letters with Tildepost

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