Use your PC, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone

to send digital Tilde letters and real post letters.

The receiver must also have a tilde~adress at Tildepost.
What do you have to do?
  1. Sender: set your letter via the built-in text editor or upload your letter.
  2. Receiver: gets your digital Tilde letter or receives it via a postal letter.
  3. In a Tilde letter there is a possibility to obtain a confirmation via SMS.


What ARE THE advantages OF TildePost?

+ You can send your correspondence secure (virus-free) by Tildepost.

+ When sending Tilde letters the receiver gets the letter directly.

+ Real postal letters send by Tildepost before 16h gives you a delivery guarantee within 48 hours.

+ Tildepost protects your privacy according to the European standards. Your information will not be shared with third parties