Tildepost, your online post office with solutions for your digital and conventional mail!

Tildepost as online digital mailbox and post office in the first place for the digital sending of all of your mail.
But also for your conventional mail you can contact us. For both ordinary letters, registered letters, invitations and business mail you can use the Tildepost platform sending from your computer, tablet or smartphone. The platform is also very user friendly. After logging in, you write the letter or reload a pdf-file and then you decide whether you send the letter via traditional or digital mail.
If you opt for conventional mail, then your letter automatically is printed, put in an envelope, stamped and sent by Tildepost.
If you choose digital shipping than your letter is sent via a 100% secure protocol so the recipient never needs to have reasonable doubts as to the authenticity of your letter. In addition, you can use Tildepost to follow up whether your digital letter was well received and read.
For your digital registered mail there is an extra label verification so you can track the date and time your registered mail was received and opened.

Watch the video below and let us convince you of the benefits and simplicity of a digital mailbox via Tildepost

Tildepost offers a solution for all your mail traffic, both for private persons and for companies.

Tildepost wants to help both private persons and businesses with the simplifying and securing of their postal movements. We send all your letters, both digitally and via conventional mail. No more stamps or walks to the post office and enjoy sending your (registered) letters. From now on you can send them from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can always choose between digital transmission or conventional mail.

Tildepost provides comprehensive services to companies.
With Tildepost mail traffic in companies becomes not only easier but also safer. Thanks to our customized programmed protocol there is no risk of phishing emails or malware when you send messages with Tildepost. In addition, your incoming mail is sorted on delivery and you can track all of your digital mail thanks to digital delivery receipts and read receipts. You can also send your conventional letters now digitally thanks to Tildepost. We print, stamp and send all your mail within 24 hours.
Thanks to the Tildepost digital mailbox and online post office you save both time and costs.