Send a letter online via Tildepost


Thanks to Tildepost you can send your conventional letters online too.

From this point on, you no longer need a printer or stamps. You no longer need to face the weather to walk to the postal office, not even for a registered letter.

Tildepost takes over your work

As soon as you’ve created an account on the Tildepost platform, you can send conventional letters online.  To create your letter, you can use our online word editor or you can upload and link a pdf-file. You then specify the details of the recipient and send your letter.
Tildepost handles the rest. Your letter will be printed, put in an envelope, stamped and send via de local postal office automatically. For registered letters too you can use our platform.

Wondering how sending conventional letters via Tildepost works?  View the short video below.



What’s the cost of sending a letter online via Tildepost?

Sending a digital letter is completely free.  If you prefer to send it via the conventional mail, you pay a flat rate for the processing.
Click on this link to view the rates for private persons
As a company, you can see our possibilities and rats via this link.