Tildepost, not only for your digital mail but also for your conventional letters

Tildepost makes mailing even easier.
More and more often we send and receive our mail via digital platforms. Unfortunately sending mail via email is not secure so we are increasingly confronted with phishing mails and fake invoices that are increasingly difficult to distinguish from real mail. The digital mailbox of Tildepost offers a safe alternative to email. Thanks to the Tildepost protocol, are you sure that your digital mail is  100% safe, both for incoming and outgoing mail.

Our digital platform can also be used for your conventional letters.  No more buying stamps , no longer going outside in all weathers to walk to the postal office and no longer having to wait in a que to send a registered letter. Tildepost takes over all these steps, all you have to doe is log on to dht Tildepost-platform and send your letter. Tildepost takes care of the rest. Your letter is printed, put in an envelope, stamped and automatically sent through the local post. Your privacy during this process, of course, has the highest priority and is 100% guaranteed at any time.

Digital mail

Digital mail sent via Tildepost is not only easy but also 100% safe.

 Safer than e-mail, no longer the risk of phishing or hacking
 No more movement needed
 Send letters from your laptop, tablet or smartphone
 Also for registered letters


Curious how Tildepost works? Watch the video below.

Conventional letters

Send your letter via our online platform and Tildepost does the rest.

 Don't lose time anymore in the post office
 No printer, cover or stamp needed anymore
 Send from ︎ computer, tablet or smartphone
 Also for registered letters


Curious how sending conventional letters by Tildepost works? Watch the video below.


Register now for free and simplify your mail

Registering on Tildepost is easy and free. Click the button below and follow the steps to fill out your information. We ask you only the information that we really need to set up your account. Then you can immediately start sending and receiving digital post. Only for sending registered letters or conventional letters, we need your payment details. An overview of our prices can be found at the bottom of this page.


After logging in, you can access a number of instructional videos in which the different functionalities of Tildepost are explained step by step so that you can start swiftly with sending your first letters. Do you still have questions or if you experience a problem on our platform, you can always contact us via our contact form, we are following up on your questions as soon as possible.

Letters (Tilde)YesYesYesYes
Letters (Post)-Yes-Yes
Registered Letters (Tilde)YesYesYesYes
Registered Letters (Post)-Yes-Yes
Digital SignedYesYesYesYes
News LettersYesNoYesYes

Tildepost rates

Sending a digital Tildepost letter is completely free of charge. To send letters via the conventional postal office and for sending registered letters, we charge a flat rate for the processing.
Please note: sending conventionnel (registered) letters is currently only possible in Belgium.

Paying on Tildepost can be done in two ways:
• online payment with your bank card: an additional transaction fee of €0.35 will be charged
• with your Tildeportfolio on which you put out any credit recharges in your portfolio: from €15.00 no transaction fee will be charged.
After each transaction you will immediately receive a payment receipt.



Price incl. VAT: €1,82

+ €0,10/ extra sheet

Send a Paper Letter to anyone without leaving your home or office.


Registered Post*


Price incl. VAT: €12,10

+ €0,10/ extra sheet

Send a Paper Registered Letter to anyone without leaving your home or office.

Registered Tilde


Price incl. VAT: €1,20

Send a Digital Registered Letter.


Digital Signed


Price incl. VAT: €0,61

Let your letters, contracts and offers be digitally signed, legally and easily.


* Sending Post and Registered Post is for the moment only possible to Belgian addresses.

Currently, the following payment methods are possible: