Mail processing tailored to your business

Tildepost has comprehensive services both for small and large businesses. Thanks to the digitization of your post you don’t only save time but you will also get more control over the follow-up of your quotations, invoices and payment reminders.

Our services for mail processing in companies:

What kind of letters you can send via our platform?

The Tildeplatform is a unique and secure platform, suitable for sending all your registered letters, quotations, invoices and payroll administration. In addition, you can also use Tildepost for sending invitations and newsletters.

How is a letter made up and sent?

You can always use the online word processor to create your letter or you can attach a pdf-file. In doing so, you can always choose to send your letter to digitally or send it via conventional mail.

Secure Digital sending

Unlike email, your digital mail via Tildepost is fully secured. Phishing or sending malware is disabled by our platform. At a time when hackers are becoming more and more inventive it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between a phishing mail and a real mail, Tildepost guarantees you a reliable, secure environment for sending your digital mail.
As a company guarantee your suppliers, prospects and customers added security by only sending your documents through Tildepost.

Sorting incoming mail

Your incoming digital post is automatically sorted into folders. Thanks to this sorting process, all your incoming invoices, payroll, newsletters etc. are filed neatly, whereby you spend less time sorting out your mail.

Follow-up of your digital mail process

Every letter that is sent digitally, can also be followed online so you can check when your letter was received and read. In addition, you have the assurance that your letters, quotations, invoices or reminders do not end up in the spam folder of your recipient.
You can also use the Tildepost platform for sending registered mail or to sign contracts and quotes. Thanks to our verification code with time stamp you can always track what time your shipment received, when it is read and when it is signed.

Large companies and processing mail.

The Tildepost platform offers the possibility to add different sub-accounts underneath one master account which enables the possibility to give different administrative access to the platform, each with custom rights.
For companies that need special functionalities to manage their mail, we also offer custom programming. We analyze the specific needs and see in what way we can translate these needs onto our digital platform. Would you like more info, Please contact us for a demonstration and discussion at your office.

Digital mail


Already convinced of digital mail processing but still looking for a platform track your mail in a safer and easier way?
Then Tildepost offers you the right solution:
 Security of your customers and prospects from phishing
 Follow up online of quotes, invoices and reminders ︎
 Safe online sending payroll documents
 Online sending of registered letters
 App for smartphone available

Conventional letters 


Not only your digital mail but your conventional letters too can be sent via the Tildepost platform. Tildepost prints, stamps and sends your letters always within 24 hours.
 No more stamps or envelopes needed
 No more time loss on going to the postal office
 Send via any computer, tablet or smartphone
 Also ︎ for sending registered letters

Letters (Tilde)YesYesYesYes
Letters (Post)-Yes-Yes
Registered Letters (Tilde)YesYesYesYes
Registered Letters (Post)-Yes-Yes
Digital SignedYesYesYesYes
News LettersYesNoYesYes

Wondering how our Tildepost platform works? View short videos below


Tildepost rates


Sending a digital Tildepost letter is completely free. To send letters via the conventional mail and for sending registered letters, we charge a flat rate for processing.
Please note: sending conventional (registered) letters is currently only possible within Belgium.

Payment to Tilde post can be done in two ways:
• online payment by debit card: an additional transaction fee of €0.35 will be charged
• via the Tilde-portfolio on which you put out any credit recharges: from €15.00 no transaction fee will be charged.
You will receive an invoice immediately after each transaction.
Processes your company a large amount of mail? Please contact us for a custom quote.



Price incl. VAT: €1,82

+ €0,10/ extra sheet

Send a Paper Letter to anyone without leaving your home or office.


Registered Post*


Price incl. VAT: €12,10

+ €0,10/ extra sheet

Send a Paper Registered Letter to anyone without leaving your home or office.

Registered Tilde


Price incl. VAT: €1,20

Send a Digital Registered Letter.


Digital Signed


Price incl. VAT: €0,61

Let your letters, contracts and offers be digitally signed, legally and easily.


* sending conventional (registered) letters is currently only possible to Belgian addresses.

Currently, the following payment methods are possible:


Register now on Tildepost and get two free shipments:

One Free Digital Registered Mail + One Free Digitally Signed Shipment

How can we help you? 

Do you have any questions about the use and capabilities of Tildepost? Contact us or download our brochure with more info below. For companies, it is also possible to request a demonstration. To do this, use our contact form or call us at nr. +32 (0) 486 837393.