Send securely and easily a registered mail both digitally and by mail.

sending and receiving Registered letters digital is a first.
  • easy:

Your digital registered letter transmitted with Tildepost is quick and efficient wherever you are.

  • safe:

Your information will not be shared with third parties and stored in accordance with European standards. Tildepost is an authorized aid of digital platform email ID.

  • registered letter:

Tildepost offers a complete post services. You can choose between ‘Registered Tilde’ (digital) or ‘Registered letter’ (paper version).

  • digital:

Tildepost uses authorization via email ID. So there is certainty about the identity of each sender and receiver. Therefore Tildepost recommends you to authorize after registration. Then you can very easily send and receive registered letters. If you choose to send a ‘registered Tilde’ (digital), you also get a confirmation SMS:

SMS 1 – Tilde successfully sent

SMS 2 – Received

SMS 3 – Receiver has opened your Tilde

  • by postal service:

If you make the choice to send a ‘registered letter’ (paper version) by Tildepost, Tildepost uses the services of B-post or the local post. Sending the letter by Tildepost before 16h guarantees you delivery within 2 workdays.